The economic dispatch problem is described as an act of minimizing the total fuel cost of the committed generators while satisfying the demand, network constraints. and plant.

Follow these steps.

Step II Solution Methodology
  1. Choose a reference plant .For economic dispatch choose the plant with large capacity (range). In case of optimal power flow the slack bus is the reference bus.
  2. For  both problems the number of  control(independent) variables to be determined in n-1.The reference plant  allocation is determined from the  constraint equations A2.

While solving the quadratic equation consider the positive solution. Check for the plant limits. If it is violating the limits allocate that particular limit.
3. Write a function file of n-1 control variables which return the total fuel cost fuel cost and the allocation. In case optimal power flow you have to use a power flow routine to determine the reference plant(slack bus) allocation.
4.The data file (fuel cost equations ,demand,loss coefficients,bus data,line data) and the gaoptions is put in a file  and the function file is run by the GA with options.

The program can be downloaded from the matlab cetral file excange
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