Removal Of Bearing

 In case that the bearing is so damaged as to hinder motor operation, the bearing is to be removed in the following manner.

Remove the bearing housings such as the bearing end cover, the bracket, the bearing housing, etc.

Remove the grease runner or ring nuts by loosening the set screws, if provided, or by removing the washer stopper if the ring is tightened by means of the screws or binding nuts.

Draw out the bearing as shown in Fig. 1-5. 
Fig. 1-5 Removal Of Bearing



In carrying-out disassembly, place the disassembled parts in order on a clean work table, and protect them against dust and dirt. Prepare various jigs necessary for removal depending on the type of machine.

Fitting Of Bearing

The bearing is to be fitted in the following manner


The anti-friction bearing is of higher precision than other mechanical parts, and so a due care is to be given to its handling to prevent them from becoming dusty, stained, scratched and marred.

Before fitting the bearing in position, its neck and threaded parts are to be made perfect, and cleaned completely by means of cleaning oil. the ring nut is to be temporarily fitted to the shaft beforehand to see if it is perfectly matched to it.

The end cover, grease runner, ring nut and locking washer are to be cleaned beforehand.

The bearing is to be heated in oil for expansion of its inner diameter.

Caution: The heating temperature should not exceed 120ºC. The temperature higher than this will reduce the load tolerance of the bearing steel, thus resulting in the shorting of its durability.

The heated bearing is to be set in place after the inside and cover has been fitted.

The inner ring of the bearing is to be tightened fully against the shoulder part of the shaft after the ring nut has been tightened. After the bearing has cooled down to room temperature, the ring nut is to be tightened again and locked with a washer.

Fill the space between the bearing races and the balls with grease. Inject grease into the inside end cover space, the grease amounting to 1/2 to 1/3 of the capacity.

The housings such as the bracket, bearing housing, etc. are to be fitted in position.






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