The electrical equipments are numbered in accordance with "CATALYTIC - KULJIAN's PROJECT PROCEDURE MANUAL" as follows:

The prefix letters identifying the electrical equipments in this plant are as
SG    - 7.2KV metal-clad switch-ear
US    - secondary unit substation
BD    - bus duct
MCC    - motor control center
TR    - transformer board
DB    - power panel, power distribution panel, DC distribution board
L P        - 11ga-rg panel
R           - battery charger
BA        - battery
N            - power receptacle, air conditioning control panel, relay box, interface 
                 panel, etc.
P(EM)     - motor for pump
A(EM)     - motor for agitator
F(EM)     - motor for filter or screen
C( EM)    - motor for fan or blower `:
M( EM)    - motor for handling equipment

M.V Motors (6.9 Kv) – Vertical-

1- Doesn't rotate   

- Connections not complete.
- Defected circuit between supply and motor terminals (Disconnection – bad connection).
- Stator circuit open.
- Single phase connection (burn fuse).
- Check circuit for disconnection or bad connection.
-  Check terminals.
- Check stator coil and replace it if necessary.
- Check fuses and replace it.
2- Over load trips   
     at starting
- Defected starter.
- Short circuited coil.
- Mechanical jam.
- Check starter and repair or replace it.
- Check stator coil and replace if necessary.
- Check if the load locked.
- Check coupling, and ensure the alignment.
- Check the air-gap clearance and adjust it.
- Check bearing and replace if necessary.
3- Noise and
- 1 phase operation (worn fuses – circuit disconnections).
- Unbalance voltages.
- Mechanical fault.
- Vibration from load.
- Unsymmetrical coupling.
- Check all phases
- Replace worn fuse
- Dissemble the motor and check rotor bars.
- Check air-gap clearance and adjust it.
- Find out any foreign matters
- Check shaft.
- Check end rings.
- Check coupling and adjust it.
- Check load fixing screws.
4- Extreme temperature and smoke.
- Up-normal high voltages.
- Up-normal low voltage.
- Wrong frequency.
- Weak cooling.
- Over load.
- Burn coil.
- Mechanical fault
- Check supply voltage and     frequency and adjust it.
- Check cooling system and melt    water.
- Check if the load is over or there is some other faults in load.
- Check stator winding and repair it or replace it.
- Check air-gap clearance.
- Check bearing temperature and lubrication system.
- Check alignment.

5- Defected bearing.
- Oil deterioration.
- Excess motor pushing.
- Wrong thrust bearing erection.
- Check oil for:-
   a. foreign matters.
   b. lake of oil.
- Check oil cooling system
- Check if there is a shaft current.
- Replace bearing.
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