Since the end of colonialism, Africa has seen three economic eras

The fourth era is just beginning Future growth will be complicated by

historical legacy

Economic Eras: 1940s-50s
Insatiable demand for raw materials
Economic Eras: 1940s-50s
Europe, Asia must rebuild after humanity’s most
destructive conflict

North American economies boom

European powers begin pullout from Africa

Failure to leave in place mature political systems causes
decline of economies, collapse of key industries.

Infrastructure had largely been developed to suit needs
to colonial powers, not African nations

Slow, steady decay of infrastructure begins as
the West scrambles to harness Africa’s resources
Economic Eras: 1960s-70s
US, Soviet Union fight proxy wars in Africa 

Infrastructure hit by war — and by corruption fuelled by US USSR support for African regimes 

Decline of global economy following oil crisis hits Africa particularly hard

 Economic Eras: 1980s-2000s 

War continues, famine sets in

Apartheid, genocide become global issues

Rest of world posts reasonably solid growth

Africa steadily becomes poorer compared to the rest of the world

NEPAD has had limited influence on economic development

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