A magnetic field is a region in which a magnetic material or a current carrying wire experiences a force.
A magnetic field is produced by a current carrying wire or a permanent magnet. 

1 The direction of the magnetic field at a point indicates the direction of the magnetic force on an isolated north pole placed at that point. 
2 The strength of the magnetic field at a point in space is represented by the concentration (i.e. the spacing) of the field lines. 
Why Are Some Materials Magnetic? 

FIn ferromagnetic materials the domains can line up (under the action of an external magnetic field), resulting in the material becoming magnetized.
FIf the material remains magnetized when the external field is removed (the domains remain aligned), the material is known as a hard magnetic material.
FIf the material becomes demagnetized when the magnetic field is removed (i.e. the orientation of the domains becomes random again), the material is known as a soft magnetic material.
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