a. Knowledge and Understanding

a1- Describe the Egyptian electrical network

a2- Identify the development of energy utilization in recent

a3- Enumerate the characteristics of different loads

a4- Outline the concepts of investment and depreciation in
power system

a5- Mention the benefits of economic operation of power

a6-  State the main differences  between electrical power plants
    b. Intellectual Skills

    b1- Differentiate between various curves and factors
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    describing different types of loads

    b2- Distinguish the methods used to define the operating tariffs
    of electrical energy
    b3- Predict the situations where the transmission more on losses have to
    be considered and where they have to be omitted.

    b4- Develop mathematical models of the optimization problem
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    and analyze the problem to find the suitable solution.

    b5- Choose the suitable type of power plants depending on
    their features, and technical and economical conditions

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